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The projects included on the following pages showcase the wide range of project types and scope that Steve has led and the services PairD consulting can provide. Whether it is a large complex development with multiple phases that takes years to complete or a quick rethinking of a customer touchpoint or a holiday rollout, Steve brings the insight of how to engage customers and the experience and proven track record to help make it happen.
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Under Steve's leadership, Westfield has transformed shopping centers through customer focused design that delivers a strong sense of place with a phased approach that keeps the centers open throughout the process. This experience has enabled Westfield to produce award winning hospitality inspired redevelopments of US airports. As SVP Design for Westfield Airports, Steve led the planning and vision brainstorming sessions to determine the big idea for each terminal, achieved buy in from the various airport teams, developed the concept design and conducted periodic reviews to ensure ground breaking results. PairD consulting continues these efforts for ongoing URW airport RFP submittals and redevelopment projects.
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Airport Experience
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PairD Consulting supports Westfield Airports by producing redevelopment opportunity and expansion plans for potential airport authority / airline partners that help them realize the full potential of their facilities. With 20 years’ experience transforming airports, Steve understands the balance between functional needs, passenger flow, boarding cueing and seating and creating successful concession programs and rewarding passenger experiences. Steve led the planning and design for the transformations of Boston Logan Terminal C, Houston Terminal E and innovative concepts for Orlando, Chicago O’Hare and Miami airports.
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Airport Planning

Tech savvy customers today are used to discovering new and innovative products, services and experiences. The frequency of change is constantly increasing. Existing properties, especially retail-oriented ones need to be refreshed more frequently. The twenty year or longer cycle of refurbishment has become a 10 year cycle and is evolving to a shorter time frame. PairD Consulting has been a leader in this change through Steve’s tenure at Westfield driving customer focused experiential design. Understanding the customer and brainstorming a design vision for the project ensures a mall rejuvenation that resonates with its customers and keeps them coming back. By holding to these design principles, Steve and his internal Westfield team transformed the US retail environment. 

The dining terraces at Century City, Topanga and Boston Logan Terminal C and the remodels of Fashion Square and Valencia broke new ground.  

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Asset Enhancements
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New amenities, pop up shops, events and experiences help keep a center fresh and its customers engaged. PairD Consulting has been a leader in this change through Steve’s tenure at Westfield driving customer focused experiential design. Whether leading customer focused brainstorming sessions, master planning the common area or rethinking the design of customer amenities and revenue elements, Steve and his internal Westfield team transformed the US retail environment. The concierge desks at Century City and the World Trade Center, restroom and family room remodels at GSP, UTC and Century City, new furniture across the portfolio and holiday décor at Montgomery and San Francisco all pushed the envelope of standard mall touchpoints.
Customer Touchpoints
Today, shopping center developments are complex with multiple uses and program elements, difficult often urban sites and numerous stakeholders. PairD Consulting has experience with challenging developments including Princes Wharf in Auckland, New Zealand, Hollywood Promenade in LA, and numerous projects for Westfield including the expansions of Southcenter in the Seattle area and Topanga in the West Valley and the redevelopment of West County in St. Louis. Two recently completed projects are Westfield WTC and Westfield Century City which were challenging on multiple levels.
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Major Shopping
Today, there is a great opportunity to turn suburban shopping centers into master planned local hubs. Often a great deal of commercial mixed- use development has sprung up around existing centers, yet the mall still looks the same as it did when it was built. Adding office, residential, hospitality and entertainment uses whether alongside or in place of the existing center adds a built-in population that will strengthen the retail every day. PairD is working on a variety of mixed-use plan studies for URW properties that will create attractive community lifestyle destinations.
Mixed use
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