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PairD Consulting supports both developers and architectural firms providing insight on customer focused design, retail integration and place making. For developers, PairD acts as an internal design department aiding with feasibillity studies, planning, consultant selection and oversight. If a developer has a team in place, PairD can pair up with internal and external teams to offer specialized services of experiential design and retail insight. For architectural firms, PairD assists with specific projects, provides retail reviews and provides insight into development strategies and feasibilities.
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  • Big picture ideation exploring potential long- and short-term opportunities for a site with a strength on sites with existing and functioning properties.

  • Lead visioning sessions soliciting a variety of ideas and opinions, filtering those ideas down to determine the scope and vision for projects and unifying teams on those objectives.

  • Asset enhancement evaluations articulating solutions that challenge conventional thinking.

  • Assist developers in preparing RFP requests to select and procure architectural and professional design services.

  • Master planning services specializing in difficult sites, complex multi-level projects and complicated existing buildings or conditions.

  • Planning consultation focusing on place making, districting and how visitors navigate through a project.

  • Retail planning and design services for mixed-use, airport, hospitality and urban planning projects.

  • Revenue generation studies on projects with multiple stakeholders and competing needs.

experiential design + customer focus
  • Assist in determining a project’s story through understanding  the key customers, brainstorming their unique traits and needs and determining a design language that resonates with them.

  • Ideate authentic experiences which provide a strong sense of place reflecting the ethos of a particular district, city or region.

  • Create key customer touchpoints and special moments that showcase the design vision and provide a special connection to visitors.

  • Lead team building exercises to rally team members to all proceed in a unified direction in delivering a project.

project peer reviews
  • Check in with team before key milestones to ensure design vision direction and fine tune objectives.

  • Ensure leasing, districting, operations and development efforts are consistent with project goals and customer profiles.

  • Assess the architectural or interior design to determine feasibility, buildability or value in achieving project vision.

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