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The Westfield San Francisco will be refreshed by updating the façade and atrium of the original Nordstrom anchored center. The original building broke ground 30 years ago with curving escalators and Nordstrom sitting atop and sharing an atrium with the mall but the fortress like façade and dated materials  needed a rework. Taking inspiration from a jewel box the heavy stone façade is being transformed into a glowing beacon enticing shoppers through a glittering veneer of translucent metal rods and new glass windows showcasing the excitement within. A refreshed skylight, bronze metallic accents, lighting bands, new terrazzo flooring and bespoke furniture provide a glistening and inviting atrium space bringing a jewel box quality to both the remodeled mall and Nordstrom. Creative offices located on the upper levels of the center will feature glass walls overlooking the city and allowing views into the center’s feature atrium.

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