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Westfield Garden State Plaza will be transformed into a 24/7 mixed use community by adding a town square focused residential hub and a lifestyle district of restaurants, entertainment venues and a boutique hotel.  The residential district is organized along an existing creek which will be improved and landscaped to become a fitness amenity and eco-friendly respite for shoppers, residents and the overall Paramus community. The residential community is organized into pedestrian friendly blocks containing garden focused courtyards separated by residential scaled streets and a mews or two. A distinct plaza connects the existing center with the creek, the residential district, a transit center and a community park becoming the heart of the overall region with cafes, fun activities, sculpture garden and a great lawn. The lifestyle district connects to an existing restaurant row and multi-screen cinema creating a public plaza animated with the surrounding dining establishments, bars, entertainment venues and the spa and conference center of the boutique hotel. 

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